Saturday, 27 September 2008

That's What I'm Talkin' About!

Oh what a stressful day in the King house, today! It started off with the usual grand final traditions - Aaron getting up early and going out to get ALL the newspapers and then spending the morning watching the Grand Final Breakfast on TV as well as everything else leading up to the grand final, and then his Dad coming around to watch the game with us.

The only thing different this year, was that Aaron also decorated the house!

Jay, Noah and I had to go to an appointment this morning, so we put Jay's streamers on the antenna of our van. Lots of people we passed while we were driving were giving us the thumb or waved. When we pulled up back at home our neighbours had some friends around. They were in the back yard and a guy yells out 'Go the Cats!'. Jay gave him a big 'boooo the Cats' and the guy then cracked up and said 'No - go the Hawks!'.

I knew it was going to be a tense afternoon and hoped that the boys all behaved as I knew I wasn't going to be getting much help from Aaron, who was going to be enthralled in the game. Lucky for me they were pretty good.

The tense moments even before the game started! Aaron decided to turn off his phone during the game, but would check it at the end of every quarter and he would have about 5 messages from different people.

Jay had fun cheering the Hawks on till the second quarter, when he decided that he wanted to go to his friends house who was having a footy party.

I took him around to watch the end of the game, and it was probably lucky he got out of the house as there was a LOT of yelling - especially at the umpires who were very biased against the Hawks.

About 8 minutes before the end of the game the tears started!!! Oh boy - I didn't know whether to laugh or be scared!!!! Aaron was sooo emotional.

About two minutes before the end the tears really flowed and Harri went over to Aaron and asked 'what's the matter Dad?!', and gave him a big hug. Check out the tear!!! See - I'm not exaggerating! I had to keep reminding Aaron that it's 'just a game'!

Thank goodness they won, as I don't think we could have coped if they didn't. This was taken at the final siren.

In the words of Shane Crawford - 'That's what I'm talkin' about!'. Go the Hawks!!!! Now we have to get through another emotional day when they come down on Monday to show off the cup.


  1. How good was that! I couldn't eat a thing, and I think I stopped breathing at least once! I wont even mention the RABBITS they call the umpires! Lisa, when the Mighty Hawks play - it is never "just a game"!

    See you Monday!!!

  2. Good on the Hawks. They needed one premiershipps

  3. You captured his emotions soo well. Did he even notice you taking photos? I fell asleep watching the game during the 3rd quarter but watched every other quarter. We were all going for the Hawks so it was pretty tame in our household. I only wanted them to win for your sake!!

  4. I am laughing so much, I am crying. I was thinking about you guys during the game as I could imagine Aaron, he was everything I thought he would be!

  5. Aaron, don't forget to make that Hawks cake and bring it along tomorrow afternoon.

  6. Jessica, what the hell are you on about!!! Go cats!!! Did you not read the post, they lost to the greatest team ever!!!!

    Nicki, sorry no cake I have to watch the game again and then organize the Premiers shopping spree that is going to happen this week.

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  8. Simone - I warned him I would be taking pics and he knew it but didn't care! I missed a good shot when he jumped on his Dad at one stage! Scary!!!

  9. When I got home tonight the first thing I could think of was seeing pics of the BIGGEST day of Aaron's life. I had to show Josh and Win and we were riveted to the pure emotion everywhere!
    Enjoy the blissful celebration period!!!! The decorated house looks great - wish the colours were a little more attractive though.

  10. oh my...that is serious stuff! i'm really really really glad that he won...all afternoon i was thinking of you (lisa, not aaron) and hoping that you would be having an enjoyable evening and not a tense one!! haha - tears...just imagine the spectacle he would have been if they had lost...

    did he make kobe cry with all of his yelling and carrying on? jaron used to make lil cry all the time during football games. i would always have to take her out of the room as she would be bawling her eyes out every time he yelled something at the tv!!!

  11. This post makes me soooo glad Doug isn't into sports too much. He likes to catch a basketball game here and there, but that's really it.

  12. Oh Paige - you are soooooo lucky!!! I seriously didn't know whether to laugh or be scared!!! I think I was both at the same time - laughing in a scared way!!!! :)

  13. classic!!! I knew there was a good post coming Lisa!!!!! I think I'll be a Hawks supporter should I ever decide go like footy! It was a great game.

  14. This is so great. I completely understand this kind of passion. I'm married to a Sayers! Thank heavens I was already a Hawks supporter! Go Hawks.

  15. Oh Blanche - you know how I feel then!!!
    Tone - I forgot to put in the post that he kept making Kobe cry!!!He would yell and Kobe would burst into tears. I kept trying to make it fun for Kobe, saying 'silly Daddy' in a fun voice so he wasn't so scared!!

  16. Awesome awesome game!! Well done hawks!!


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