Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Tree

The last three years I have taken a photo of the boys in front of the blossom tree, which is on the nature strip in front of our house. I was going to do it again last week, when the tree was in full blossom, but our trip to hospital put those plans on hold for a little while.

The tree doesn't look as pretty now, but I dragged the boys out this afternoon anyway for the annual pic. Talk about a disaster!! Noah was asleep, Harri was grizzling as the sun was in his eyes and wouldn't open his eyes, and Jalen was trying with all his might to not let go of Kobe.

Jay and Harri both kept screaming because of the sun in their eyes. Kobe wasn't too keen on the screaming and decided to start screaming himself!

Check out how much they have grown.




  1. Wowzers! Amazing how much difference a year can make...
    I can just hear you now "Don't worry about the sun boys it's for the BLOG!!" haha

  2. ha ha - exactly right Collette!!! I was threatening them with the big stick if they didn't stop whinging, but it didn't work. Kobe just kept on screaming - naughty boy!!! Doesn't he realise how important the blog is!!?

  3. How funny! If you look closely at most of my photos, Lauren is grimacing or has been crying, and Patrick has that "MUM - will you STOP taking photos!" look in his eyes!

  4. Your boys enjoyed the photo shoot so much. Glad their normal!

  5. What a great thing to do annually... well worth the pain at the time I think!! Funny how taking one little picture can become such a nightmare!!! :-) Always the way!

  6. Funny, all week I kept reminding myself to remind you to not forget the tree photo. I think it is a wonderful idea and I can't believe I remembered that it was coming up. Makes up for no show at gym on Mon.;)


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