Thursday, 4 September 2008

Maths Expo

I knew people would be worried as I missed a day of posting on my blog ;) Everything is okay - have just been very busy and nothing really to post about yesterday. Noah has had a month off school and just started back this week, so I have been making the most of it by catching up on lots of little jobs that needed to be done but is too hard to do with a wheelchair, a baby and a 3-4 year old :) It's a lot easier without getting the wheelchair in and out of the van all day.

Tonight we went to a Maths Expo which was put on at the boys school. The school received a grant of $1500, so they decided to put some of it towards a Maths expo where parents could come with their kids and spend time playing different maths games and doing different maths activities. It was to show parents that maths can be fun and that kids can learn a lot just through playing games.

It was really good and had games and activities for kids from Prep to Grade 6.

Harri did great at matching the numerals with the amount of leaves on each flower. Jalen then helped him find the right word to match.

The boys had lots of fun playing different games with us.

Jay loves maths and it shows by how confident he was with doing a lot of the things involved in the game (another maths geek like his Dad!).

Every family that attended the expo got to take home a game full of things to use at home including all the games that were at the expo, number charts, dice, counters, a ruler, pens and a note pad. I have a feeling we will be using them a bit over the school holidays.


  1. Well, I agree with the part about Aaron being a maths geek! Haha

  2. I think I'd have had to have been dragged in kicking and screaming to go to a maths night

  3. I went to one of these while I was on my second year prac. It was heaps of fun. I can see why the boys enjoyed it so much.


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