Thursday, 11 September 2008

Helping Hands Newspaper Article

Every week we get a free newspaper delivered with junk mail called the Advertiser. Today it had an article about our helping hands service project that we did a couple of weeks ago - featuring a photo that I took! Carolyne arranged the day and asked me to email her a few pics to send to the Examiner. This is the pic that was featured.


  1. And you reckon you don't take good photos!! Happy birthday Jay. xx

  2. That's great! Funny that we both got photos recognised this week - one of mine in "Smile" Centro Meadow Mews display next week! Hope Jalen has a great day - 9!!!

  3. Congrats Kylie! I got an email saying one of my photos has been selected as a finalist too! I have no idea which one as I sent about 10 or more in. Will race up there on Monday to check it out!

  4. Fantastic! Did you put that one of Harry and Kobe laughing from your blog in - that's a winner!


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