Sunday, 14 September 2008

Best Baby Play Gym Ever

Since Noah is too cranky to use his Little Room lately, we thought we would give Kobe a go in it instead.

He loved it! He really loved the sound of the wind chimes and kept grabbing them.

It was funny watching him as I thought it was so amazing how he was rolling around in there and reaching up for things. I'm used to Noah laying very still and now and then moving his eyes to check something out, or accidentally knock something and get a big surprise by the sound it makes.


  1. Kobe looks like he's loving it! That is the perfect play gym (and custom made to0!)

  2. Those pictures remind me of Christmas

  3. that is so cool! next time i have a baby i'm sending it over for some play time! you could charge people to use it and make some money!!

  4. Looks like Kobe is having fun, better watch out or big brother Noah is going to get mad, lol.


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