Thursday, 6 December 2007

Surprise Visitor

Last night Pip rang me up to say that she had a surprise visitor. I straight away guessed that it was our good friend Yvette. Yvette grew up with us at Deloraine and about 4 years ago or so moved to the mainland. She now lives in Queensland with her husband Luke and two girls. Yvette hasn't met Pip's baby Oliver yet, so she jumped at the chance to get cheap tickets with Tiger airlines and surprised Pip last night.

This morning Harri and I went out to Pip's house to visit and catch up.

It is great when we see each other as it doesn't seem like we have ever spent anytime apart.

Yvette is a personal trainer and has her own business training women and runs prenatal exercise classes. It was good to get lots of tips from her about going to the gym being pregnant and good to hear I was already doing all the right things. If only I had her down here as my own personal trainer once the baby was born :) We keep trying to convince her to move back to Tassie, but I think she is too used to the warm weather of Queensland now.

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  1. Great to see some photos of Oliver. He has grown so much.


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