Friday, 7 December 2007

Goodbye Mollies

Last night I played my last game of basketball with The Mollies - for a little while anyway. We played in the preliminary final and at half time we were pretty much even (after we came back) and then we lost it at the end. It was a fired up game - the team we played against are very rough and not a nice team to play. Supposedly I lost a point for the team as I went off at the umpire. I don't usually, but he missed something that was soooooo obvious that I just had to say something. Oh well - lucky we didn't lose by one point!

I'm looking forward to having a break as it has been hard playing while being pregnant, as I'm trying to be very careful. Hopefully I will get back into it next July once the baby is born. I might have to go along now and then and coach them :)

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