Tuesday, 4 December 2007

A new milkshake maker!

Last week I got a phone call from the boys' school principal. He told me not to panic and said everything was okay, and that he was ringing with some good news. A few months ago their school took part in an Aurora energy program. Jalen came home with a little 'show bag' and in it was a home safety checklist. They were told if they filled it out with their parents, and brought it back to school they could win a prize. I kept putting it off, but Jay bugged me to help him fill it out. We just had to answer questions like if there any damaged power points in the home, was there any electrical appliances near sinks etc.

The principal said that Jay's was the lucky name drawn out from those who returned their forms and had won a milkshake maker! I had to keep it quiet all week as he wanted to present it to Jay in assembly today.

Harri and I turned up for assembly and Jay saw us and asked us why we were there. I told him we had just come to watch the assembly and he was happy with that. Paul got up to present it right at the end and Jay's face was classic! He was soooooo happy and excited and jumped straight up.

His friends were ooohing and aaahing over it afterwards.

When I picked him up from school he was so excited and said that when he heard someone was going to win it he crossed his fingers and said 'let it be me' and then when he heard his name he said he couldn't believe it and didn't know what to do! He cracks me up. He has come home from school and the first thing he wanted to do was make a milkshake. So now we are the proud owners of two milkshake makers, although I don't think Jay will want to use the old one anymore.


  1. Great milkshake maker Jay. What flavoured milkshakes have you had so far?


  2. Got to love milkshakes, Jay start practising on making them for when i come down


  3. wow - that is some funky milkshake maker!!! love jay's excitedness :)

  4. Cool Milkshake maker, congrats.
    I just love those looks of excitement.


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