Monday, 17 December 2007

Old friends (and family!)

On Saturday at our Christmas play, it was the first time that Chelsea had caught up with Toni, Simone and I all at once, since coming home to Tassie after 10 years overseas.

Today we all met at Simone's house for lunch to catch up.

I've decided that I have to put my order in for a baby just like Lil. She is such a good baby! Toni is very lucky.

It is funny as we are all addicted to blogging (thanks for that Tone!) and all know exactly what is going on in each others lives as we read each others blogs regularly. I feel like I already know Chelsea's girls even though I have only seen Darby as a baby.

It was a nice afternoon catching up and the kids had a great time playing together.


  1. That photo of the 4 of us and Lil cracks me up! Such a cool day....wouldn't it be fun to do that ALL the time!

  2. That must have been fun all getting together


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