Friday, 14 December 2007

Our last practice!

Tonight we had our last practice before our two big shows tomorrow. It was very exciting as we went right through the whole play as if it was a real performance and Rachael came and videoed it for us.

Aaron had borrowed the sound system from school and set it up during the afternoon. He had been stressing about it as he didn't want it to get damaged since the school was doing us a huge favor lending it to us. At the end of the play we have to have a big set change - from Bethlehem to the stable, and in the middle of the set change there was a huge crash. One of the speakers had fallen down. We called 'cut' and Jalen came running up on stage and goes 'Dad is going to be really mad!'. We told him it would be our little secret, but all was well and nothing was damaged.

Everyone did a great job and it overall went very smoothly. Everyone is excited for tomorrow and I think will be relieved when it is all over. I have to say that Lizzie is very impressive. She has done a great job to remember so many lines.

The 'Brown family'

It will be nice tomorrow to see all our hard work pay off when we have a real audience or two!

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  1. Lisa, good luck tomorrow, I am sure it will be great.


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