Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Trip to hospital

Today Noah had a little visit to hospital. He had his adenoids and tonsils removed 15 months ago, and his adenoids have since grown back, so we had to get his adenoids removed again. We decided to go privately this time to hopefully get them removed properly. This morning we had to be at St Luke's hospital at 7am. Aaron stayed home from work so he could help out and be around when Noah had his operation.

It was a very expensive little trip - especially as we were only there for the day, but hopefully we won't have to do it again. I told Noah this was his Christmas presents for the next 20 years!
The hospital was really nice and the staff were great. We shared a room with a 4 year old boy who had his tonsils and adenoids removed also. The Mum was getting very worried when I told her Noah's had grown back, but hopefully that won't happen to them as well.

The Dr that did the operation was really nice and was happy for us to go home 6 hours after the operation, as long as Noah was off the oxygen and his sats were okay. Lucky for us he was sitting at around 96% on room air after a few hours so we we were allowed to take off. The Dr believes it will help Noah breath a lot better, but also believes a lot of his problems comes from his throat collapsing and tongue going back and said he thinks going on a c-pap machine at night would help him a lot. He can't prescribe them but told me we need to see a respiratory specialist, but said to see how we go with this first.

He is still very sleepy and when he wakes up he has a little cry and has blood coming out his nose and mouth, but it is a lot easier this time as he hasn't had to get his tonsils out which can cause lots of pain for weeks.

It was a long day sitting around all day, but I kept myself occupied with lots of TV, magazines and talking to the lady next to us. I tried to get my moneys worth by drinking lots of juice and enjoying the 'free' newspaper but somehow I don't think it covered even a little bit of it! :) Aaron was excited to see they had Austar and wanted to stay in for the night with Noah as the NBA was going to be on tonight! I had to drag him away before it started!


  1. I'm glad everything went so smoothly for Noah - I spent an afternoon at the hospital today too.

  2. Hope Noah is feeling much better and can now breathe clearer. Love his bravery award, so cute.
    Junior uses cpap at night.

  3. I would have come up and kept ya company! Great that everything went well. i was always jealous of Sarah when she got her tonsils out... presents and jelly and icecream!!!!


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