Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Excitement

Today while Simone and I were upstairs at the gym pumping weights, our kids were downstairs having a Christmas party. Noah stayed home with Di so he could sleep in, but Jay and Harri were so excited as they knew that 'Santa' was going to visit. I had told Jay that it wasn't the real Santa as we knew he would be too busy today getting ready to come tonight. Harri on the other hand really thought he was the real Santa and on the way home in the car said 'I wike Santa'.

All the kids were very excited and sang some Christmas songs before Santa came in.

Our gym class finished in time for us to see Santa arrive.

They were also able to get their faces painted, by a professional face painter. Jay chose to have Hawthorn colours, and Harri said he wanted The Wiggles, so the lady painted the big red car, Dorothy the dinosaur and Henry the octopus on him.

I came home and had to have a nanna nap as I'm not feeling well. I have had blocked ears for a while and how I have a really sore throat, runny nose and have been shivering all morning. I'm not happy as I'm hanging out for all the yummy food tomorrow and at the moment I don't even feel like eating anything! Hopefully it will have passed by tomorrow.


  1. I hope you're feeling better! Happy Christmas, I hope you all have a fun week.
    Love Lisa

  2. sucky that you are sick, that's how Mum is right now too. Love your Christmas Eve run down. My girls kept on pointing out things they remembered from the play while we read the CHristmas story too. It looks like the boys got a bottle of Apple Cider EACH! I would love that as a kid!!! Have fun tomorrow......

  3. Looks like fun, sure love the face painting.


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