Saturday, 29 December 2007

Extreme Sports

According to Steph, swimming in an outdoor pool in Tassie (even in Summer!) is considered an extreme sport (especially to a Sydneysider!). Today it was pretty warm (up to 30 degrees!) so we decided to go up to the Gorge for a swim. Just after we got there the clouds came over and it even started to spit, but the boys didn't seem to mind.

I didn't venture in - I didn't think it would help my chest infection, and didn't have the energy anyway. Someone had to keep Noah company on the side - especially since he was singing the same lovely song he has been singing all week :(

The boys had lots of fun, but they all said the water was freezing.

They would get out of the pool shivering and warm up a little bit and then go back in.

Hopefully with some more hot days the water in the pool will start warming up, and then I will be brave enough to get in too.


  1. Brrrr, the boys look so cold but sure look like they are enjoying the water.
    Poor Noah, sorry to hear he is still not himself. Junior sends him a big hug and says to tell him to feel better.

  2. looks chilly! poor old noah, hope he starts cheering up soon.


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