Sunday, 16 December 2007

Visit to Santa

Yesterday morning before our Christmas play we went into town so the boys could see Santa and get their yearly photo taken with him. When we got into town Noah decided to sleep half the morning so we shopped for a while, hoping that he would wake up enough to get a decent photo.

When he finally woke up we waited in line for ages at Myer. The boys were very excited to see him and Jay wasn't at all shy about telling him about all the nintendo games he wanted! Harri told him he wanted a Cars game for the playstation. Santa asked the boys what Noah would like and they told him that he might like some bright coloured lights to look at.

The Santa was really nice and really made an effort with Noah and was asking how old he was. I told the lady taking the photo that I didn't care if Noah looked or not, I just wanted his eyes open! It didn't turn out too bad.

Harri 'wrote' the cutest letter to Santa the other day while Jay was writing his. He told me it says 'To Santa, Happy Christmas from Harri'.


  1. such a nice picture with Santa. Noah looks so tall all of a sudden.


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