Wednesday, 19 December 2007

A new chapter

This morning we said goodbye to Noah's carer - Bridget. It was her last shift today with us or with any of her other clients that she works with, as she is getting married this Saturday and moving to Hobart.

Bridget has worked with Noah for over three years. She started with us just after Harri was born. This photo was taken a couple of years ago. It has been great having Bridget come early mornings to help get Noah ready for school. It is always a lot more hectic on the mornings that she isn't here to help get Noah dressed, pack his bag, make his feeds and do some physio with him.

We are excited for her that she has found someone and gets to start a new chapter in her life. We will also be starting a new chapter as we find a new carer for Noah. Di will be taking over Bridget's hours during the school holidays, but once we start back at school we will need a new carer. It is always hard finding a new carer and getting to know someone else. Hopefully we will find someone who we feel just as comfortable with.


  1. I hope that finding a new carer for Noah will come easy for. I love your blog btw, I am a religious reader of it (Bec put me onto it) I am Bec's cousin btw, my daughter Jaclyn and Jay were partners at Jared and Becky's wedding...

  2. Good luck finding a new carer for Noah. Bridget looks like she is so good with him. Wow does Noah look little in that picture.


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