Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Eve

Harri and Jay are in bed eagerly waiting for Santa to come. They are soooooo excited, so I don't know how easily they will fall asleep. When Aaron and I first got married we started a Christmas Eve tradition where we would have a picnic on the floor with all our favourite foods. I would get seafood, and Aaron would have salami, ham etc and we would always have really nice fresh fruit which we would dip into nutella - yum!

The last couple of years we have gone around to Gillian's house as they have a fire engine that goes around with 'Santa' on the top throwing out lollies to the kids. We were going to do that again tonight, but Gillian got some sad news yesterday that her Mum passed away. So instead of going around there we went back to our old tradition of having a picnic on the floor. Harri kept saying 'this is cool!'.

Noah literally slept all day today. He woke up at 4.15 pm with a seizure and stayed away for 10 minutes and then went back to sleep. He then woke up again just before tea time and wasn't very happy at all. All through tea he yelled.

The boys didn't seem to mind and loved all the fresh fruit and nutella.

After tea we read the Christmas story straight out of the Bible. While we were reading it Harri set up the nativity scene according to what was happening in the story.

Jay was so excited and kept wanting to read even when it wasn't his turn. He kept saying 'this was in the play!'.

Harri was very distraught at bedtime as he knew that tonight is when Santa comes and he thought they had to stay up to see him. We kept trying to explain that Santa would only come when it was dark and when they were asleep in bed, but he kept crying and crying saying 'I want to see Santa'.

Finally he settled down when we told him that he would have lots of presents in the morning.

Jay put out a carrot for Santa's reindeers as well as a tim tam for Santa and some apple cider.

He wrote him a little note and is hoping that Santa will write back to him, especially as he said there have been a few kids in his class at school say that Santa isn't real and it is really your parents who put out the presents. Jay kept telling them that isn't true and if they don't believe that they won't get any presents, so he is excited to get a note back to prove that Santa really is real :) Christmas is so much fun when you are a kid.

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  1. I love the picnic idea, what fun.
    Awww, what a pitiful face Harri has glad the presents brightened his night. Poor Noah I hope he is back to his smiling self tomorrow. Merry Christmas


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