Tuesday, 11 December 2007

End of year celebration

Tonight we all went to the Punchbowl Primary School's end of year celebration.

Jay sang in the early childhood choir. They sang the national anthem and 'All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth', which was very cute as they all put on a lisp.

It was a really good night - showcasing all the different music groups. They also had a special P.E performance with a group of kids doing the basketball number from High School Musical. Harri was bored most of the night but thought that was great! The rest of the night he just did silly things with his jumper!

They had a powerpoint presentation showing photos from the whole year, which Jay and Noah were on a number of times. Jay was excited to see himself on the big screen.

They then presented the grade 6 leavers with awards and their leavers' certificates. Aaron said one of the grade 6 boys came up to him as we were leaving and said 'see ya next year Mr King' and was all excited as he is going to be going to Kings Meadows High. Aaron already teaches his sister.

At the end of the night the grade 6's sang a song that the music teacher had made up. It was hilarious. It was about different teachers at the school - taking the mickey out of them. Everyone had a good laugh.

I was talking to Jay's teacher on the way out and she was saying how funny Jay is when he is excited about something and wants to tell the class about it. She said that he has stopped telling them that I have been chucking up in the toilet at night so that is nice to know! I hate to think what else he has been telling them!

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  1. What a great night, sure looks like Jay is enjoying singing. Harri is too cute goofing around.


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