Wednesday, 26 December 2007

A better day

Noah woke up bright and early this morning and I was waiting to see what kind of day we would have. He had a bit of a grizzle this morning, but I could just tell in his face that he was going to have a better day. Yesterday he just didn't look right - like he had a headache or something. You know that kind of look when someone has a migraine (I know those as Mum and Aaron get them often!). Today his eyes looked brighter and his face looked relaxed.

We decided to brave the Boxing Day sales as I had run out of some herbal meds that Noah uses and I only buy them at my favourite shop - The Chemist Warehouse, as they are so much cheaper than every other chemist. We got into town about 9.30am and I was really cranky to see that the shop wasn't even open! What do they think it is - a holiday or something! :)

We decided to have a look around at the sales, but didn't find anything too exciting except for the usual half price Christmas cards and wrapping paper which we always stock up on for next year. Jalen did better than any of us getting lots of new clothes and spent his pocket money on some Pokemon toys that were 75% off. He was very happy!

The morning wasn't a total waste as we ran into Naomi Ellis (Pawson) who is down for Christmas. It was great to see her. Aaron and I were saying how she never changes. It is always good to see her.

Just as we got into the car I noticed someone with a Chemist Warehouse bag so I ran down to see if they were open. Lucky they opened up at 10am. I didn't really want to go back into town this week with the crowds (and the boys!). Noah will be happy to have his olive leaf extract and acidophillus again.

My cold has hit in full force today and I can't taste a thing. I'm glad it wasn't like that yesterday! It is great having Aaron home as I got to have another nanna nap. I feel like such an old woman.

Noah has been really happy and settled most of the day. He is enjoying playing in his 'little room' where he has been watching his new glitter lamp that he got for Christmas.

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  1. Great to hear Noah had a better day and love to see him smiling. Noah your glitter lamp is soooo cool.


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