Sunday, 2 December 2007

Christmas mad house

Tonight was our monthly family tea at Mum and Dad's house. We decided that tonight's theme for tea would be 'Aussie night' so we had a good old fashioned Aussie BBQ with the works. Unfortunately Jared was away as he has been in Melbourne working all week.

We thought it would be a nice time to all put up the tree at Mum and Dad's together. Talk about a mad house! Harri and Jay were running around so excited and crazy and the girls were into everything. By the end of the night I was ready to come home and have a rest! Lucky for us Mum didn't pull out the old Muppets Christmas record, but put on Josh Groban's Christmas CD instead. Mum bought a new tree at Kmart when we did, so the boys were excited to help her get it out of the box.

That was about the extend of how much they helped! Dad finally helped to give us a little bit of peace and quiet by taking them outside to get the sheep in. The boys thought it was great fun. Unfortunately I was too busy snapping photos of the girls, to go out and take photos. They are so cute together and kept putting their heads together to give each other 'kisses' and kept saying 'awwww' as we all were.

It took ages to decorate the tree as we started while Dad cooked the meat, and then finished after we ate tea.

Two pregnant sisters decorating together! Nicki is 35 weeks and I am 15 weeks.

Kels and Maddi were a great help - although I'm not sure whether they put more decorations on the tree or took more off.

I always seem to end up being the decorator of the stairs.

Noah was having a cranky night (a bit like his Dad ;), so he had lots of cuddles with everyone.

Aaron spent the night setting up Mum and Dad's broadband on their computer, so everyone is very excited as they now have fast internet. Of course we had to give Mum another lesson on how to use the computer. Hopefully now she is going to be able to work out how to get it on herself and how to check out people's blogs without Dad's help :)

The boys were very excited to go for a spin in Uncle Alex's new car. I think Alex was excited to have some boys around to share it with! Aaron isn't really a car person, so Jay and Harri were the next best thing.

The boys came in at the end of the decorating. Looks like they are taking all the credit for it though!

It is funny as lately when we have been out somewhere with Noah, he gets really cranky. As soon as we put him in the car and he knows he is going home he gets a huge grin and cheeky look on his face! He just loves to be at home. Pretty amazing for someone who is missing most of their brain and who would 'never respond to us'.


  1. Aaron was NOT grumpy!!! Dah Lisa!
    Very cute - much more exciting than my description of the night!

  2. That photo of the two girls is cute - especially with the tinsel necklace xxx

  3. Looks like such a fun night and kids looked like they had a great time.
    Love Noah's smile when he knows he is on his way home.

  4. What broadband out in Dunorlan, not a moment to soon if you ask us.


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