Monday, 3 December 2007

Little Nyah

Today Harri and I went to visit Kristen and little Nyah who is now 3 days old. She is really tiny, and very cute. Kristen looks amazing - very refreshed. Not at all like she has just had a baby! She is lucky as she has her own room, so it would be a lot easier to get some rest when Nyah is co-operating.

Harri thought Nyah was really cute and kept on touching her little fingers.

He was very excited to have a little hold of her. He will love having a little baby in the house.

Chadd, Sam and Chelsea popped in while we were there and the girls clucked over her :) Its incredible to think that they are actually Nyah's cousins, as I imagine them more as being her Aunties.

Before we went up to see Kristen, I had my booking in appointment at the hospital and also an appointment with an obstetrician. It is funny as I don't really feel pregnant yet (although it is starting to become very obvious now) as the morning sickness has been so much better this time. Today I actually felt strange being there doing baby stuff, as I saw all these women with huge tummy's and I didn't feel like I should have been there!

It was exciting though as Harri and I got to hear the babies heartbeat - so we know it is definitely there. The last couple of days I have felt a couple of little 'flutters' and I asked the Dr if it would be possible to feel it this early (15 weeks) and she said that it was very likely I was feeling the baby move - especially as it is my 4th. Now we have to hang out till just after Christmas to have our scan.

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  1. Awwww, the baby is adorable. Harri looks like he thinks she is wonderful.


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