Thursday, 27 December 2007

It's a .........

boy!! Yes - can you believe it!? We are going to have FOUR boys!!!!

This morning Aaron, Jay and Harri came along to my 18 week scan. Noah was home with Di. I laid on the bed and I told that lady that we were hoping to find out what it was if we could. I told her that we had three boys and that I actually wouldn't be devastated if it was another one and she said straight away 'well, that's what it is!'. She said it was very obvious that it was a boy and we could tell too :) He even gave us the thumbs up!

Last week I actually said to Aaron that I would love four boys. Of course I would have loved a girl as well, but I love my three boys and I thought that another one would be great. They will be great mates growing up and I know how to handle boys! Aaron said today that I must have been preparing myself. Jalen really wanted another brother, but Harri wanted a sister. When Jay found out he was very excited! I said to Harri 'well, Harri you are having a brother' and he said 'No, Jalen wants a brother, I'm having a sister!'. Since we have come home though he now says he is having a brother. At least he has just over 5 months to get used to the idea.

Aaron is happy. He would have loved a girl, but isn't disappointed it is a boy. I was over everyone saying it was going to be a girl and because I didn't mind either way I thought we would find out this time and tell everyone (so they can get used to the idea before he comes out!) . We didn't find out with Jay or Noah, but did with Harri but just didn't tell anyone.

Now we have a HUGE dilemma of picking a name for him! It was hard enough coming up with three boys names that we liked and agreed on! We had about 5 girls names that we liked, but no boys names. I'm glad that we have 5 months to think of something. Today Jalen suggested 'John'. Nothing wrong with the name John, but I just don't think it fits in with my other boys names. Aaron told me that it is his turn to name this one, since I chose Harrison and also decided on Noah (between that an another name), but I don't think I will leave it totally up to him. You never know what he will come up with!


  1. Congrats Lisa, that is exciting.
    4 boys wow, next one will just have to be a girl.

  2. Thats awesome Lisa! It would be hard to imagine you with a girl...especially seeing as you have the boys under such good control! Congratulations and good luck name-thinking!

  3. Girls are trouble anyways :) Congrats on me becoming an uncle again.hehe


  4. great news - i can't believe you're almost half way through!

  5. he he, maybe you and I should arrange a swap!!!!

    Now I just cant imagine it any other way, you wiht 4 boys , me with 4 girls!

  6. Fantastic news Lisa, Aaron, Jalen, Noah and Harri! Good luck with names - we still haven't got a name for our cat, so would be no good choosing another name. Yes, now we are "grandparents" it's just pets from here on in!!

    I want to hear you singing "We six Kings from Newstead are..." next Christmas!! Kylie and co.

  7. The Knighton Seven1 January 2008 at 11:53

    4 boys..."I feel for ya sister!" Miranda put in her order for a sister the day our #4 boy was born.



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