Saturday, 8 December 2007

Backstage Antics

Check out the antics that were going on backstage this morning at play practice. Often we are just behind the curtain waiting around for our scenes and we get very bored. Today everyone decided to do some silly dance moves to amuse ourselves.

Today's practice went really well. Everything is really starting to come together now. The costumes that have already been made by Kristen look so good.

Harri came to the beginning of practice today while we set up, and when he saw us all putting on our costumes his bottom lip dropped and he got tears in his eyes and asked 'where's my costume?'. I told him he was going to watch the show with Dad and Noah and he wasn't very impressed, so Jackie improvised and made up a quick costume for him to try on. He looked very cute.


  1. Love the costumes, both boys look so cute in theirs.

  2. looking very biblical there Lisa!


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