Thursday, 13 December 2007

Feeling better

Noah had an okay night last night after his operation. We left him in his clothes for bed as we didn't want to disturb him too much as he wasn't very happy last night. At about 3am he woke up crying in pain and his nose dripping with blood onto his pillow, but some panadol and a rub helped him to settle down. He then woke up pretty early this morning and was wide awake and quite happy.

Yesterday when he came back from recovery I went to check his bottom tooth as I knew it was loose and told the nurse when she asked me if he had any loose teeth. It was gone! The nurse said there was nothing in his notes, so they obviously didn't even know they had knocked it out! It's probably on the theatre floor somewhere.

I have kept him home from school and all day we are getting blood dripping out of his nose but he is feeling a lot better. We have even seen lots of smiles.


  1. So glad Noah is feeling better and recovering so quickly. I look forward to seeing his big smiles again.

  2. I love it when Noah smiles. The world seems conquerable when he smiles. AND you have play practice all this week too... I hope you can get a rest some time soon. Break a leg on Sat. See you at 2pm.

  3. what a little fighter! glad he is feeling better.


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