Thursday, 13 December 2007

Into the big league

Today was Jay's last game of basketball with The Jitterbugs at the YMCA. He has had heaps of fun this year learning how to play and has actually got pretty good at it. He is always in on the action and doesn't give up. Tonight he was desperate to get a goal during the game, and was so excited when he finally did get one!

It has been great for him to play a sport that he really enjoys and to get to know the rules and learn some skills. They always do a training session before they play and run through different drills and rules.

Next year he will no longer be able to play in 'mini basketball' and will be going up to junior basketball. He will be playing in the under 10's and next year they get strict on the rules of the game (no more getting away with the occasional travel or double dribble) and will also keep score. This year they didn't officially score during the game, but Jay always seemed to know whether his team won or not anyway :)

It has been nice for him to be able to play on the same team as his cousin Henry, and also Sophie who is in his class at school. Hopefully they will both play again next year.

His team was excited to get a certificate each and an icy pole topped off the day.


  1. Obviously Jay gets his talents from his Mum - don't deny it!!

  2. Way to go Jay, looks like lots of fun.

  3. love how puffed out they look!


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