Saturday, 1 December 2007

Two weddings and a baby

It was a big day today! There were two weddings of people that we know and also our friends Jim and Kristen had their baby girl - Nyah Loriel. Kristen was very lucky as she arrived on her due date! Today Mel and Peter got married in Adelaide so we didn't get to that, but Aaron and I had a lovely time today at Bec and Una's wedding.

We asked Mum to come into babysit the boys, and it was nice to be able to go and see Bec and Una get married and to be able to relax and enjoy it :) Aaron was the official videographer. Bec had asked if we could video so they could send it over to Una's family in Tonga who weren't able to come.

It was a beautiful day. While we were waiting for them to arrive we were saying that the weather was feeling as hot as Tonga (probably not, but for Tasmania it felt very warm sitting in the sun).

Bec arrived fashionably late, especially considering she didn't have far to go:) She looked beautiful in a light blue dress.

Bishop Prebble did a great job with the ceremony. Bec and Una were very relaxed and happy- as Bec always is!

After the ceremony Bec and Una changed into some traditional Tongan clothes.

There was soooo much yummy food, thanks to Cathy, Merilyn and their troops. While we were eating Bishop Prebble got a text message and photo on his phone from Mel and Peter's wedding. It was exciting to see it as they had also just gotten married.

Bec and Una's wedding was very relaxed and casual. Just the way I'm sure Bec and Una wanted it.

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