Friday, 28 December 2007

Grumpy Golf

Because I haven't been feeling well all week (my cold has turned into a chest infection) I have been laying around doing not much at all. I haven't had the energy to do anything, but am still going out of my mind being stuck at home all day. Today I thought we would go out and do something no matter what. Noah woke up grizzling again, but we thought he may cheer up if we went out for a drive. We asked the boys what they wanted to do and they said they wanted to go to the tailrace park at Riverside.

On the way there I saw the sign for Grindelwald and whispered to Aaron that we should skip the park and take the boys to play mini golf. They have wanted to go for a long time, and we have never been out there so we kept driving past the park. Harri started to get upset when he saw we went past the park, but we told them we were just going to go for a little drive to show them the special houses and Swiss village at Grindelwald.

When we got there the boys were quite excited to see the village and shops.

Jay saw the mini golf sign and was very good and said 'can we come back here another day to play mini golf!?'. We told them that if we wanted we could play today and there were lots of excited screams!

Noah wasn't at all impressed with it all and just decided to scream the whole time (and it wasn't an excited scream that is for sure!).

The boys had lots of fun playing golf and it would have been great, except that Noah was so grumpy and yelled the entire time. Not relaxing at all for us - or the people around us!

Harri was hilarious and every time Aaron would putt the ball, Harri would run and pick it up for him and say 'here you go Dad!'. He didn't quite get the concept of the game. Then he would deliberately try to hit it into the water so he could fish it out with the net. He kept saying 'I want to hit it in the pool!'. The people who were waiting behind us were very patient! :)

By the 15th hole I had enough of Noah yelling and gave up and sat down with him. It still didn't settle him, so when the boys finished playing Aaron took him to the car to give him a feed and to see if he could get him to settle down. The boys then had a great time feeding the ducks, and playing on the pretend ship.

Aaron said as soon as Noah heard his ramps coming out of the van he settled down. When we got back to the van he was as 'happy as Larry' sitting in the back. He is still a little grumpy now we are home, but not yelling like he was. I think we may have to take a trip to the Dr to get him checked out to make sure it isn't his ears or something that isn't always obvious.

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  1. Lisa that looks like such a neat place to visit and I bet the golfing was a blast. Poor Noah I sure hope you can work out what is up with him. I hate to see him looking so miserable.


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