Friday, 30 November 2007

Relate and then teach

Today was a very sad day for Aaron. It was the last day for the grade tens and there were a lot of tears. I haven't seen anything affect him so much in a long time.

Aaron got his job at Kings Meadows High straight out of uni 3 years ago. The year before that he did his last prac session there and then was asked to come back to do his internship. It was a big blessing to us as he actually got paid to do his internship (something which is rarely done) as another teacher was going on long service leave, so they wanted Aaron to replace him.
They then kept him on the following year, and then the next year he won his permanent position, only a year out of uni. He was very lucky as this also doesn't happen very often and many teachers are shifted from school to school until they get a permanent position. We are very blessed as it is a school in town and so close to home. It has also meant that he is able to walk to work and we haven't had to buy a second car.

Because he has been there for the past 3 1/2 years he has been with the grade ten's since they were in grade seven. I guess you could say that because he started with them straight out of uni, he has also been learning from them.

Today was the Leavers Assembly and Aaron said it was very emotional. His class teacher presented him with a box of chocolates and he presented them all with their certificates.

Aaron walked his class teacher out of assembly and got a big hug from the Principal on the way out.
The prefects gave him a gift voucher and a photo of them in a frame that they had all signed. He is going to miss them all a lot.

There were lots of hugs and tears at the end of the day.

Aaron said that at the end of the day he saw the Principal and she thanked him for all his hard work this year and said how he is a great teacher and that is because he first of all relates to the students and then he teaches them. He said he had many parents come up to him after the assembly to thank him and one Dad told him that he made his son want to come to school.

I keep reminding him that I felt the same way with every class that I had to leave and you quickly get to know your next class and enjoy teaching them as much. I'm sure he will get to know other students just as well and will have another good year next year.


  1. Thats so cool. Thats why I think teaching is the best job; the more you give the more you get back. I was talking to a retired teacher who is late 60's & she can still remember her first class, she said you never forget the first ones.
    Good on ya Aaron!
    Lisa Wheeler

  2. Such a special and sad day for Aaron, knowing he has affected so many kids life in such a positive way must feel awesome.


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