Sunday, 9 September 2007

Sophie and Will's Birthdays

Two birthdays in two days! After church today we went up to Kate and Marcus' lovely new house for Sophie and Will's second birthday party. It is Sophie's birthday tomorrow and Will's later in the month. It was great to see all of Bec's sisters again, and especially to see that Symon had a break from the farm - even if it was just for the afternoon.

Bec showing off her HUGE pregnant tummy - almost 16 weeks!!

Jay had lots of fun flying a kite again - today they were flying so well! A lot better than on Andy's kite day. We didn't even need to run this time. Maybe our dodgy kite may have even stood a chance of getting up today :)

The boys had a great time - running around with the other kids, pigging out on all the yummy food, going in the lolly scramble and playing pass the parcel. Of course Harri kept getting upset when the music wouldn't stop on him, but Jay was a very good big brother and let him have one of his turns of unwrapping.

Jay is very pleased with his prize from pass the parcel

Kate had made a beautiful cake for Sophie and Will. Unfortunately I had eaten way too much to fit any of it in.

The kids had a great time with a bubble machine and bubble wands.

Sophie and Will road testing Sophie's new bike

It was a really nice afternoon. Tomorrow Jay has one more birthday party to go to and then on Wednesday it is his 8th birthday - which we have been hearing about for the last 6 months! :)

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  1. how diod you photo shop the photo of Sophie (i think) i love it jow it has just a touch of colour! You are So cleaver!
    Love Clare


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