Friday, 7 September 2007

School Holidays

Steph and Bec - you will be happy to see I am doing TWO posts today - had to make up for missing out the other day! Actually - I just wanted to share this cute photo.

A sure sign that school holidays are on the way is Aaron mowing the lawn! It happens very rarely (most of the time I do it - unless I nag enough), but usually if school holidays are coming Aaron is all of a sudden out mowing!! He knows I am going to nag him all holidays to do it, so he figures he may as well get it done before they come, so he can relax.

Yesterday I was out doing a few jobs and got home and was shocked to come home to him mowing the lawns! Harri came out to see what he was doing and lent down to give him a kiss, so I just had to run to get my camera and made him do it again! My poor boys - they are going to hate the camera soon!

Aaron tells me that yesterday's mowing had nothing to do with holidays, and only that the lawns were looking bad for ages and he knew he had to mow them. Pity he doesn't notice the other 11 months of the year!! :) And yes - he does listen to music while he mows the lawn! I don't know how he can hear it above the lawn mower - no wonder he is deaf - especially at night when Noah wakes up!

His next job which I will be nagging about all holidays is to dig up the veggie patch to get ready for planting within the next month. I bet that will be done very fast too so he can relax for the rest of the holidays. I'm sure I can find him a lot of other jobs that need to be done ;) I shouldn't complain - I know he is great at helping out with other things - like cake decorating. I would much rather mow the lawns than decorate a cake.

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