Wednesday, 26 September 2007

School Photos

Today the boys got their school photos back. I was so happy with Noah's photo this year - two things were great about it - he was awake AND he was smiling! Di said she was rubbing his legs flat out to get him to smile and it turned out really good.

The funniest thing is that Noah's teacher has her eyes shut in the class photo, and she was stirring Noah after school saying that it is usually him who has his eyes shut! I think Noah is one of the only kids at school who doesn't get into trouble for falling asleep all the time :)

We were cracking up at Jay's photo. All morning before school he had been practicing his smile and was putting on this fake smile. I told him to just do a 'normal' smile for the photo and this is what he came up with! :) I told him he looks very handsome.

The class photo one cracks me up even more (fourth from the right). He makes me laugh.

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