Monday, 17 September 2007


Today is my last free afternoon of the holidays as I am working two shifts all week, except Wed when I have something planned. This morning I had the best time at work. I helped out at ten pin bowling and today I was placed with a 16 year old autistic girl - the one who is always full on as she runs away a lot and is hard to manage. They always put two workers on to help with her as she is so big, so another guy - Steve was also helping with her.
At first she did her usual thing - ran around and kept going up to the food counter as she supposedly loves hot chips and that is the only time that they can get her to sit down and settle - when she has hot chips at the end of bowling.

After a while I just thought I would see how far I could push her to try to get her to settle a bit and to sit down with me - and it worked! After a little while she sat down with me and waited really well for her turn - usually she would run away in between her turns. She then kept hugging me and kissing me and would even sit on my lap and would put her arms around me.

The boss and and other support workers were all amazed, saying that it was a huge breakthrough for her and that she really liked me. I was so happy and excited that I could get her to settle down. In the end she probably sat still with me for about half an hour which they said was amazing. She would jump up every now and then and I would just say 'it's okay - come and sit down' - and she did! Her Mum was really happy and said she has a support worker at home that she also listens to really well and she was happy that she was so good for me. I guess I will be put with her whenever she comes to the school holiday program now. I don't mind at all - I really liked working with her - it was just funny having a huge 16 year old girl sitting on my lap giving me kisses and hugs. Tomorrow for work it is Kids Paradise in the morning and swimming in the afternoon. My boss said to me today that I could bring the boys and Aaron along to Kids Paradise tomorrow as part of the holiday program but I can still work, so that will be great! I couldn't ask for a better job.

After work, the weather was so sunny and warm, so we thought we would go to the Seaport for some chips for lunch and go for a little bike ride. The boys has lots of fun drawing on chalk board while we were waiting for our chips.

Noah has been a little cranky again the last couple of days and so has Harri (yes - more than usual!). I don't think that Harri is feeling very well. The other night he told me that he needed Noah's 'meds' because he was sick. Harri got sick of riding and wanted to be carried most of the way and ended up just having a cuddle with Aaron while Jay road up and down the path.

Jay got a new bike the other day - his old one was getting way too small, but he keeps telling us that he 'hates' this bike as it is too big and he has to get used to it all over again. He did okay in the end today - only a few near misses ;)

It was nice to get out in the sun, even if Harri and Noah were both cranky.

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  1. Noah, you look very cool in your shades. Looked like all of you had fun, hope you are feeling better soon and Hari as well.


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