Thursday, 27 September 2007


That is the sound I have been hearing all day! I kept Noah home from school today as yesterday he was vomiting a lot at school and all night after he got home. His UTI doesn't seem to have improved very much and I'm not sure if it is the infection that he is upset about, or whether it is something else. I know he isn't comfortable with the infection - he is in pain now and then, but this seems like something different - like he has some cerebral irritation. Not sure if he has a headache or what is going on, but he is just really irritable. I'm waiting for Dr Bailey to ring me tomorrow to see if we should switch to a different antibiotic.

We had to go into town to pick up a prescription and he was cranky the whole time we were there - yelling away. One nice thing did happen - I was getting him out of the van and this guy was watching and came over to see if I wanted any help. It was probably in his 30s and had really long hair and was smoking away (not that it means anything) but he wasn't the type of person I would usually get to offer any help. I never take anyone up on the offer of help - it is just easier to do it myself as I know what I am doing, but it is nice when people offer.

I have given up on trying to stop the crying - I know there is nothing else that I can do - I have cuddled him, given him panadol, given neurofen, fed him, massaged him and the last resort was putting him on his tummy over the cushion. That actually helped a little bit - just the change of position made him settle for maybe 30 secs, but the yelling has started again.

I'm looking forward to Di coming after school, so I can take Jay to basketball and have a break. Not that I'm complaining - two years ago we had three months of this yelling - day and night, so a day of it is okay - just hope it settles down tomorrow. Poor Noah.


  1. Oh Noah I am so sorry you still aren't feeling better. Poor guy I hope you feel better very, very soon. I want to see that smile again.
    Lisa we are sending prayers your way.

  2. Poor Noah, feeling sick is not fun at all, at least you have 'Super Mum' to look after you.

  3. i hope today is better than yesterday for both of you :)

  4. Oh...that sad face makes me want to cry! How is he doing today? Hope your night was okay.

  5. Poor little boy - he looks like Harri screaming!!
    poor Lisa too - hope that he is feeling better soon. How isa Harri handling the Screaming!??


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