Friday, 14 September 2007

Skating, Swimming, Service, Pizza and Sundaes!

Big day today - I did two shifts at work - yes two -I think I need a holiday! This morning I helped out at roller skating which was heaps of fun, but very tiring. For two hours I pushed wheelchairs around, and around and around the skating rink. Most of the time I spend with a girl who is a teenager and in a wheelchair - she was VERY heavy compared to Noah, but it was lots of fun. She liked going really fast so I did a lot of running. She also loved going up and down the ramp which we did probably about 40 or 50 times. Every time we would go down the ramp she would start laughing and kicking. I told her Mum that I didn't need to go to the gym today because the work out was better than anything I had done at the gym before! We came second in the Monte Carlo game - ripped off! There was one boy who was so funny - every time he would go past us he would say 'helloooo!'. I think I heard it from him about 100 times in total!

When I got home Jay asked where I had been and I told him I was roller skating - for work. He asked why they didn't get to go as it sounded like fun, so I told him that next time we will have to put down to go skating. My boss (that sounds strange!) told me I could most likely still work next holidays at the skating but have the boys and Aaron come too, so that will be great. Sounds like I have a job next holidays too :)

This afternoon I helped out at swimming again. Today wasn't so easy as a family came with four - yes - that is right - four children with autism! They have 5 children all together. Two of them I wouldn't have picked that they were autistic, but the other two you could definitely tell. It was full on with lots of punching, kicking, flapping, throwing and spitting! I got told to 'go away' numerous times and spat at about 5 times. It actually didn't worry me at all - was just like Corom when he was little - just that there were 5 of them at once (there was also another boy with autism in the pool at the same time). The boy who thought I looked like the woman off Home and Away also came swimming today and was very disappointed that my boys weren't there.

After work I raced out to the Prebble's house for a primary activity. The kids had already done some service at the Roger's house - but because of work I missed that part. At the Prebble's we made pizza which was a lot of mess, but lots of fun. The pizza actually tasted pretty good too which was a nice surprise!

Aletia then did a fun little thing talking about some good and not so good things to do on a Sunday. She had Jalen and Sariah come up the front (birthday people this week) and Jay had the 'good' one and Sariah had the bad one. The kids then had to think of good and not so good things. When we thought of a good thing to do on Sunday, Jay got to put something yummy on his ice cream sundae - like topping, nuts, flake, marshmallows etc. When they thought of something that wasn't so good Sariah would put something gross on hers - like broccoli, tomato sauce, curry powder and peas. The kids thought it was hilarious. We then talked about how peas and tomato sauce etc are not bad things - just that on a sundae (or Sunday) they aren't so good.

The kids then had a great time making up their own ice cream sundaes - I noticed that nobody put any tomato sauce or curry powder on theirs.

Noah was really happy all night - enjoying all the noise.


  1. Wow Lisa you did have your hands full at the pool.
    Those Sundaes looked yummy though I think I will pass on the broccolli and peas, what a great object lesson for the kids. Loved the big smile from Noah.

  2. so cool to see the Primary Activity photos. I always love seeing Kylie Bailey... love that girl. We were friends in Griffith. Cant believe how busy you are Lisa! Dont burn out!!!!!

  3. You don't need the gym on days like these! You must start the day with a litre of protein shake to get through :)


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