Saturday, 29 September 2007

Footy Final Traditions

Every AFL grandfinal day Aaron has a lot of traditions that he always sticks to. Every year we usually get invited to watch it at someone else's house, but Aaron HAS to stay home to watch it. He doesn't like watching it with a crowd of people as he likes it to be quiet (or as quiet as it can be with three boys!) so he can really watch the game and listen to the commentary.

The morning starts off with him getting up early, before the grandfinal breakfast on TV and going and buying all the newspapers. He then spends the morning watching the grandfinal breakfast and analysing the newspapers. Aaron spends the whole day watching every single thing on TV from about 8am till 6pm.

At lunchtime his Dad always comes around to watch it with us. We always have to have the traditional footy food - party pies, sausage rolls, cocktail savs, potato chips and soft drink. The boys think it is great and as it gets closer to the AFL final they ask if we are going to have a 'footy party'.

The tradition for me is to watch the beginning of the game (the good parts - the singing and maybe the first quarter) and then put Harri into bed and have an afternoon nap on the couch myself :) This year was no different, except that I woke up at 4.30 and realised that Harri was still asleep! Guess he will be up all night as he wont be tired. The boys decided after the food that they were over watching the footy and resorted to the nintendo and gameboy for entertainment.

I'm glad I had a nap because it looked like the game wasn't very exciting with Geelong winning by so much.


  1. classic!!!!!

    So glad Noah is back to his normal self too...

  2. Got to love the pic of the boys playing their video games while dad watches the game.
    too funny.


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