Monday, 24 September 2007

Lego with Lizzie

Last night we had tea at the Prebble's house. Aletia, Lisa and I had to have a Primary meeting so we thought we would have tea first and then have a meeting afterwards. With me working the last couple of weeks and also Lisa working a lot lately, it is hard to get together unless we do it at night at the moment. The boys had lots of fun hanging out with Lizzie. She pulled out Jack and Dale's old lego and the boys had a great time playing with it. Lizzie is so nice and great with little kids.

Poor Noah wasn't feeling very well and was vomiting all night. He has been a bit funny over the weekend (different to earlier in the week) so I thought I'd better test his urine, as I thought he may have an infection.

Lucky for us his paediatrician had agreed a while back to give us some urine dip sticks which is so handy as I can just test him myself when I think he has an infection. Within seconds it showed up very strongly that he does have an infection - poor thing. I had to make an appointment with a Dr for later that night at the after hours medical centre as it wouldn't be till Tuesday till I could see Dr Bailey - his paediatrician. Getting into our normal GP is impossible. You definitely can not be sick if you want to see our GP - you have to make sure you book at least a week in advance to see him, so for anything urgent I have had to resort to us going to see other GP's. If it is Noah I just ring Dr Bailey straight away, but I knew I needed to get him onto some antibiotics fast.

The after hours GP was very impressed that I came in with a urine sample and that I had already diagnosed him :) He tested it himself and asked me if I wanted to send the sample off or just wanted antibiotics. I told him I was just wanting a script for antibiotics which he was fine with him, and he said he would bulk bill us (not something that they usually do there). I figured that was the least he could do since I did all the work :) If only I could write out my own prescriptions ;) As I was walking Noah out he kept saying 'you are a good Mum' which was nice. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in fast and Noah will be feeling better really soon.


  1. I hope Noah feels better soon. See you at Pump on Wed

  2. Lisa,
    I hope Noah is feeling better. Our Dr in Melbourne is the same but you need to book in 3 weeks in advance


  3. Noah I hope you are feeling better very soon. Way to go catching it so quickly Lisa. Sending prayers for Noah.


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