Tuesday, 18 September 2007

I love my job!

I love my job - and I haven't even been paid yet! The only thing that I would change is that it went all year round and Aaron was home to watch the boys all year round too :) I think Aaron would have something else to say about that. He will be glad to get back to school next week!

Today we went to Kids Paradise. I was 'working' and Aaron and the boys also got to come along and participate too. One of the other support workers took Noah and Aaron got to just hang out with Jay and Harri. It was hard for the boys at first as they wanted me to do things with them, but I had to keep reminding them that I was 'working'. They got it after a while, and were okay with me playing with the other kids.

Most of the time I spent helping with a little three year old girl, while her parents chased her older brothers (with disabilities) and then I got to hang out with an older teenage girl with a mild intellectual disability. She is great! I have worked with her at ten pin bowling and also swimming and she comes up to me straight away now and says 'come on Lisa - let's go!'. She is like a little girl in a teenage body - we would go up and down the slide together and she kept saying 'wait for me Lisa!' and would wrestle me at the bottom - it was hilarious. There was also a teenage boy there who had an intellectual disability - he was great too. They are so funny to talk to. Both him and the teenage girl both say exactly what they are thinking - they are great. The boy was asking one of the Mum's why she was a single Mum and if she was going to go 'speed dating' to try to 'pick up' someone else!

For the last half an hour we got Noah and my boss said I could 'work' with my own family! I told her I was okay with working with other families, but she wouldn't take no for an answer and was happy for me to play with the boys. Talk about a great job. Aaron sat on the jumping castle with Noah and he loved going up and down as kids jumped and ran past.

The other day I was talking to someone about work - they were saying that it could have gone either way - I could have started work and either hated it and wondered why I am doing it, or would absolutely love it. I definitely love it. Aaron was saying to me the other day that although I love it and it seems like an easy job, it probably isn't a job for everyone - you really have to be comfortable around kids with disabilities - all different types. Although we have Noah, Aaron said he doesn't think he could do it as he would feel uncomfortable with other kids with disabilities. I love it though. I really couldn't ask for a better job! I would do this job even if it was as a volunteer - being paid is just going to be a bonus :)

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