Thursday, 13 September 2007

Ten Pin Bowling

Today as part of the school holiday program with Family Based Care we went ten pin bowling. This is the third time we have been bowling with the school holiday program and Aaron and I have both won one game each, so today was the big play off to see who was going to be the best out of three.

Bowling is a great thing to do together as they have little ramp thing that you can use for Noah. You just put the ball on the top and then help Noah (or Harri) push it off. Often when we do things together (like Kids Paradise) Noah can't always take part like the other two can.

In our lane today they put another little boy. I'm not sure what his disability was - maybe he had aspergers as he was very with it and actually seemed very intelligent. He was 6 years old and it was his first time bowling. He was so funny - at the end of the game he asked me if I watched 'Home and Away'. I told him that I did and he said that I looked and sounded like Drew's Mum - Jas. I started laughing and said that is nice as she is really pretty and he started giggling. His Mum then said to me that he REALLY thought that I was her and I told him that - no I wasn't - I was much nicer than she was, and he thought that was funny.

Later after we got home I joked with Aaron that I looked like someone off Home and Away and he said - 'yeah Morag'! How mean!!

Harri and Noah both used the ramp to push the ball off and Harri actually won the whole game - beating both Aaron and I!!! He actually got sick of using the ramp and decided after a while that he wanted to bowl the ball down instead. Once it went down so slowly that it only just made it to the end, but there was no way he was going to let us help him do it - he is soooo independent, which isn't always a good thing. If he kept using the ramp he really would have thrashed us all.

Neither Aaron or I are very good at bowling, but I was very excited to beat Aaron - even if it was by only two points! Here is the proof!

Jay wasn't going so great today, and Aaron kept saying to him 'it doesn't matter about the score Jay - as long as you just have fun', and I cracked up laughing and said he was only saying that because he was losing as well! Of course he didn't agree with me.

It was lots of fun. It actually felt a bit strange being there with my family, but feeling like I was 'working'. I was still talking to lots of the other families and helping people out if they needed it. Pity I wasn't getting paid for it today :) Always after bowling we get a free icy pole which Harri knew half way through the game. He got sick of it after about the 5th go and kept saying 'icy pole now!?'. Noah was really happy all morning - on the way out the van he had a huge smile on his face.


  1. I am pretty sure you ARE Jazz Curtis! Do you want to tell us something, Miss Soap Opera Star?

  2. Noah you look like a very good bowler. Looks like you all had a great time.

  3. Haha! Aaron is so mean - MORAG! Tell him that he is Alf!

  4. Lisa, looks like you had the psychological battle won early since your first ball was a strike! Well done.


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