Thursday, 20 September 2007

Uncle Chrish

Today after work we had a nice surprise with Chrish dropping in to see us. Work was lots of fun today - this morning we had ten pin bowling - there were only three people on one lane so my boss asked me and another worker to bowl with them which was lots of fun :) I won of course (I probably shouldn't mention that it was only by one point!).

In the afternoon we had a two hour session of square dancing. The kids loved it - especially the kids in wheelchairs who were whizzing around the room. Di had two hours of In Home Support today with Noah so I told her to bring Noah down as well, but he wasn't very impressed! He wasn't feeling that great today and was hard to get a reaction out of him.

Anyway - back to Chrish! The boys were really happy to see him. Harri kept calling him Chrish so he obviously knew who he was, even though he hadn't seen him for a long time.

He stayed for tea although he hardly ate anything as he still isn't feeling well, and then he came with Aaron and the boys to watch The Mollies play basketball. We played the top team and actually won which was a surprise! Aaron yelled at the umpire to get me a whistle as I was yelling out what I thought the call should be when he would blow the whistle. I don't usually argue with the umpires, and I only yelled out because I thought it was very obvious that the woman traveled and thought he was going to call a foul on me - lucky he didn't :) Lucky for me the umpire thought it was funny.

On the way home in the van Harri goes to me 'what's his name?' and pointed to Chrish. I told him it was Chrish (which he obviously already knew as he was calling him that all night), but then all night he kept saying to Chrish - 'what's your name?'. In the end I think it was just a big game to him and he was just being cheeky.

Harri had to give Chrish about 20 goodnight kisses and cuddles. I think Chrish will be glad to get back to Mum and Dad's to rest!

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