Thursday, 6 September 2007

School Disco

I know - I know - can you believe I didn't do a blog post yesterday!!! What is the world coming to. Sorry to disappoint anyone ;) I'm sure one day I will get sick of this and will have nothing to talk about :)

Today was the last day of school for the kids before the school holidays. Tomorrow the teachers have to go to school (unfortunately for Aaron), but it is a student free day so unfortunately for me the holidays start early tomorrow! :) I do love holidays - but after a few days of Jay and Harri fighting I am ready for school to go back.

To celebrate the last day of school they had a school disco for the last hour and half (just Prep to grade 2). The older kids were having a disco after school. The kids all paid $2 to wear casual clothes to school and to get into the disco. Of course if you didn't bring your money you were still able to go - it was just encouraging the kids to bring money to go towards buying some shade sails for the playground.

Harri and I went along as helpers - Harri was definitely not helping very much! He did have lots of fun running around with the other little kids, who had also come with their parents.

Noah looked so happy and alert when he came in. Di said he had a great day and the Assistant Principal was telling me how happy he had been all day. You could see he was loving the music at the disco. Some days you know he isn't feeling so well - he looks sleepy (or actually does sleep a lot) and isn't as alert as other times. Today he looked great.

The kids had a great time at the disco. There were lots of conga lines which Jalen started a couple of times and also Di got going with Noah. It was cute seeing all the kids following behind Noah's wheelchair.

At the last school disco Jalen came equal first in the dancing competition (not sure who he gets the moves from!). Last night at tea time he was telling us that he was ready for the dancing competition again and was going to pull out some different dance moves - last time it was the Saturday Night Fever fingers, and air guitar moves. He was telling us that this time he would use those moves again (as it helped him win) but he was also adding the robot move as well!! Aaron was stirring him saying that it is harder to stay at the top, than to get there - but I don't think he got what it meant :)

During the disco I had to leave to pick Aaron up from a School Executive Conference that he had been at all day, and when we got back to school to pick up the boys, Jay said he had been in the final for the dance competition but he didn't win. He didn't seem too disappointed - he thought top 6 was pretty good out of about 125 kids. I was upset that I missed it though!!! Wanted to take photos of him pulling all those moves!

They played lots of different games and also had a limbo competition.
A little girl from Jay's class - Danielle wheeled Noah around the room for ages. She is a lovely little girl, but Jalen told us last week that she was 'ruining his life'! Supposedly she is very bossy and she has been bossing Jay around at school and it has 'ruined his life'! It is no different to what he gets from me at home :)

When we were about to leave one of Noah's friend - Grace, from his class was saying goodbye to him. She is so nice to him and is always rubbing his head.

Her little sister Sarah is Harri's age and is so cute. She is always drawing pictures for Harri and giving him things. Yesterday she especially brought in her dog soft toy to show Noah as it wags it tail and she knew that Noah would be able to hear and feel it. Sarah always makes a very special effort to say hello to us everyday and to give Noah a little rub on the head. It will be nice when Harri and Sarah can go to kinder together.

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