Saturday, 1 September 2007

Harrison's 3rd Birthday

My baby turned 3 today! Three years ago Harri finally came out after me being in labour for 3 days, on and off. I started to have contractions on the Sunday morning and finally on Wednesday just after lunch Harri was born in the bath at the hospital. It was amazing to have a water birth and I wished I had done it all three times. He was a much happier baby than the other two and I'm sure a lot of it had to do with the way that he was born.

He has been so excited all week and every day he has been saying 'my birthday Mum?', asking me everyday if it was his birthday. Last night he knew that 'tomorrow' was going to be his birthday and he was very excited. We have been practicing all week so that when we ask him how old he is going to be he knows to say 'three'!

Last night Aaron spent the night making Harri's Buzz Lightyear cake and all night Harri kept saying 'hop up' so he could be lifted up to see the cake transform.

Usually Harri is a really good sleeper and goes to bed really well, but last night there was too much excitement as he knew when he was in bed that we were blowing up balloons and wrapping presents. All night Harri kept calling out 'want to hop up Mum!', and finally after about an hour of crying and us laying in bed with him reminding him to go to sleep so he can get ready for the big day - he finally fell asleep.

At 6.30am this morning, I heard Harri's feet outside our door. I heard him go into the lounge room first to check out the balloons and presents on the floor, and was very surprised when he came into our room and asked 'hop in Mum and Dad's bed?'. Harri doesn't usually wake up so early - usually it is around 7am, so I knew he was excited but thought I would see how long it took him till he wanted to open the presents - especially since it was Saturday, and our only chance to sleep in all week :)

At 7.10am we were all wide awake and he still hadn't said anything about his birthday. I asked him if he was ready to open his presents and he yelled 'yes!' and ran out straight away to get Jay up. He was very excited to see all the presents wrapped up. He would pick one up and go 'big one!' and then when he would see what it was would yell out 'cool'!

Harri is a big fan of the movie - Cars and has just discovered Toy Story and is also now a big fan of Buzz Lightyear and Woody. He was very happy with his Cars sleeping bag, Cars game for the computer and leap pad with the Cars book.

Aaron's Dad and Step Mum - Carrol, and his Nan and Pop came over for morning tea. Harri was very excited to get another Cars book!

At lunch time Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Nicki and Maddi came over for a BBQ. The original plan was to go to Punchbowl for the BBQ but it was too windy and cold, so we decided to do it at home. I think Harri ate more lollies and fizzy drink than anything else and boy have we paid for it today! He has been so hyped!

Harri was very pleased with his Buzz Lightyear bags from Grandma and Grandpa and Cars toy from Nicki, Alex and Maddi.

Maddi was having heaps of fun and LOVED all the food - she is just like her Dad :) (sorry Alex!). It was funny watching Harri and Maddi together. Maddi would grab one of his toys and Harri would grab it back and in a deep voice yell 'no!', so Maddi would push him back.

After lunch Jalen decided it was time to pull out the playstation 2 and went for it on Singstar. He is such a crack up to watch - has all the moves to go with the song. Notice the score though - he needs a bit of work on the singing! :)

Harri was very excited to finally be able to blow out the candles on his Buzz cake (only about 5 times!).

I wasn't planning on cooking any tea - as we had been pretty much eaten all day anyway, but Aaron thought that because tomorrow was Father's Day then he should get to decide what to have for tea and wanted McDonald's. Harri kept saying that he wanted KFC and I love KFC and hate McDonalds, so I was happy for Harri to choose - especially since it was his birthday, but Aaron and Jay won out in the end. Like we needed any more junk food today!

It was really fun celebrating Harri's birthday this year as it is the first time that he really knew what was going on and got excited before his birthday. Disney Pixar certainly made a lot more money out of Harri's birthday - not like they needed anymore :) Now Jalen is hanging out for his birthday which is just over a week away.


  1. Harri you're very lucky you're Mum and Dad know how to celebrate birthdays so well!

  2. im so impressed with Aaron's cake decorating skills!!! Happy birthday little Harri..... looks like it was a great day.

  3. Hmm, looks like I should have been there with all that junk food:) Looks like Harri had fun


  4. I wish birthday's where still that fun. Aaron is a man of many talents, it sounds like it was a fun day


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