Friday, 28 September 2007

Footy Colours

It is traditional at the boys and Aaron's school that the day before the AFL grandfinal is 'footy colours' day. It is just a fun day for all the kids to wear their teams' footy colours. Kings Meadows High use it as a fundraiser - to raise money for the Bone Marrow Institute, but the boys school did it just for some fun this year.

The Assistant Principal is a big Geelong supporter so she was VERY keen to make sure it was footy colours today. Jay said that in assembly she asked everyone who barracks for Geelong to stand up. Jay thought it was great fun as everyone was booing them. Then on the way out of assembly he said he went up to her and said 'boo Geelong' and she was laughing.

Because the boys had their footy colours on, Harri also had to wear his Hawthorn jumper. The guys at the gym today thought it was great and kept saying 'come on the Hawks' to him. Jay is doing his 'tough' pose, while I'm not sure what Harri is doing - he thinks he is a model or something! :) I think I am taking too many photos as he is starting to become a real poser lately!

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