Wednesday, 12 September 2007

A year later

Yesterday when we arrived home I noticed how pretty the tree outside our house was as it had just started to blossom. I then remembered that this time last year we had taken a photo of the boys in front of the tree. Of course I dragged the boys out there again to take another photo.

Harri and Jay didn't seem to have changed very much - just a bit taller than last year, but Noah is so much skinnier! Last year he was on the ketogenic diet which made him put on HEAPS of weight. He looked really over weight and not very healthy at all. Now he looks long and skinny - he probably needs to put on just a little bit of weight now. His chair has also been widened since last year - it looked tiny last year.

I'm thinking I'm going to do the same photo each year - even once we no longer live in the his house. I will be dragging the boys back in their twenties - no matter where they are, to have a photo done in front of the blossom tree! :)

September 2006

September 2007

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