Saturday, 8 September 2007

What did I say?!

I knew it would happen! Aaron came home from school yesterday and decided that he may as well go and start digging up the veggie patch - of course it was nothing to do with my blog - just that it was a nice afternoon - the perfect type for digging ;) He always has to get everything done right then, so he can relax. Doesn't worry me - as long as it gets done :)

He has dug up about a third of it. He had to pace himself a little -didn't want to get it done too fast :) It was a lot easier this year, as last year was the first time in ages that we had a veggie patch, so we had to start from scratch and dig the beds up. At least this time they were a lot easier to turn over. We don't have any raised beds or anything as we are renting and aren't really sure how much we can do, but there was a section in the backyard, that actually looked like it may have been used once as a veggie patch so we have just dug up that section. It is a good spot as it gets the sun most of the day - it only loses sun really late in the afternoon.

Noah kept an eye on things, while lounging in the swinging chair - just making sure that it was all done right.

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