Sunday, 9 September 2007

40th Birthday Dinner

Last night I had a hot date with Simone :) It was Chris Wheeler's 40th birthday and to celebrate a lot of their friends went out for tea to the Indian Tandoor and Curry House. Aaron was happy to stay home and babysit and watch the footy. Simon also watched Simone's kids, so she could go out and relax.

It was a really fun night, with lots of yummy food. I usually go for a chicken dish, but decided that I should get seafood as it is not something I usually have at home. I ended up getting a 'mild' prawn curry which was very yummy. Lucky I chose mild as even that was very spicy! I also had a yummy garlic and coriander naan bread which was absolutely massive! That alone filled me up - let alone the curry and rice.

Mark and Angela sat our our table which definitely made it a funny night. Mark had us laughing with his pronunciation of the different dishes including 'Nanna bread'. All night he kept saying that he wished Aaron was there as he could have mucked around with him. Mark kept on pelting ice cubes through the arch way to the table above us - where Adam, Aletia, Scott, Lisa, Corey, Kylie and Jason were sitting. They in turn would throw down paper airplanes. Lucky we had a whole section of restaurant to ourselves or we may have been thrown out!

Jason arranged with the waitress to make up a fake bill and hand it to Mark saying that she had heard he was fixing up the bill. It was very funny.

After our meals we all had a piece of the birthday cake, made by Chris' Mum - Margaret. Emily had great fun clapping out each and every 40 claps after we sang 'happy birthday'.

It was a really fun night and nice to go out with people that I see often, but don't always get to socialise with. Robert Rattray was there and anyone who knows him, knows that he loves photography. It was great as he came and sat with me for ages, showing me different things with my camera. Helen dragged him away at about 10.15pm. There is just so much to learn! Can't wait to do the adult ed course with Bec and also Pip, who is coming now.

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