Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Pizza, Pizza!

After our Primary activity a couple of weeks ago I have been inspired to make pizza at home. I asked the boys after school today if they wanted to make Pizza for tea and they were excited, so they helped me choose the ingredients at the supermarket and we then came home to make them.

Jay and Aaron always get meatlovers pizza when we buy them, so they both had half a pizza each to top - both of them had HEAPS of meat and cheese and Jay surprised me and lashed out with a bit of pineapple. Jay was very excited to choose what he wanted, and to have half the pizza just to himself.

Harri lost interest after he ate half the salami and gave up on the whole idea of making them and went back to watching Pokemon on TV. Aaron and I had fun making them anyway. I think I'm going off here - singing some song about 'making pizza' - Aaron is trying to work me out! :) Jay was loving snapping the photos.

They tasted good, except Harri decided he just wanted the 'bread' and took all the toppings off and just ate the base! At least Jay enjoyed his.

Jay has decided that he loves to take photos (hmmm - wonder if he takes after his Mum or not!?) and calls himself the 'patarazzi'. He cracks me up.


  1. Great activity and love the action shots. Our family also enjoy making pizzas at home but we use the smaller bases you can buy then just add pasta sauce and toppings as needed. Yum and fun for the kids of all ages.

  2. 'patarazzi' - man that word is cracking me up!


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