Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Fish

Today Harri started swimming lessons again. He had lessons all of first term this year, but it started to get too cold (for both of us) so we gave the winter term a miss. I also wasn't sure how Noah would go over winter, and wasn't sure if we would make it to the lessons very often.

There are four other kids in our group and because of their age the Mum's and/or Dad's have to get in the pool with the kids.

Harri loves it, but he gets very distracted by all the toys around the pool. He gets sick of singing all the songs that encourage them to do different things - like 'twinkle, twinkle little fish, watch my tail go swish, swish, swish'. All during the songs today he kept saying 'no more singing - toys now!'. The teacher kept promising him that we would use the balls at the end, but he had to sing first. He always freaks out when we sing a certain song, because he knows it means that he has to go under the water at the end of the song. Today I sprung it on him and as he came out of the water he kept yelling 'no - don't like going under!' and all the way home in the car he kept telling me he doesn't like going under. Hopefully by the end of the term he will be used to it.

He is very confident at blowing bubbles, splashing and kicking. Some of the other kids get really upset and don't want to get splashed but Harri splashes so much that I have to tell him to stop as it is driving me crazy! :) At the end of class the kids all get a turn on the slide which goes straight into the pool. Harri hangs out for his turn on the slide each time.

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  1. It is great to hear that Harri lovs his lessons (even if he doesn't like going under). Chloe will be starting soon and I how she enjoys them just as much as her cousin.


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