Friday, 28 September 2007

A happier day!

Noah was feeling a LOT better today. Last night he finally stopped yelling and fell asleep at about 5.30pm on the couch. We didn't dare move him all night as he was so peaceful and obviously worn out from yelling all day. Lucky he has the feeding tube as we could feed him and give him his meds last night without disturbing him. At about 9.30 pm Aaron laid him on the floor and he woke up for about 10 minutes and didn't make a sound and then went to bed and slept all night (all night for Noah is waking up at about 1-2am and being turned over and going back to sleep). He woke up at 6.30am this morning and gave us a big smile! Little rat!

I had a feeling that he would be much better today. He will often have a really bad day like that and be fine the next day again. I always get a little worried that it will gone on for 3 months like before though. He has yelled a couple of times today - but nothing like yesterday.

Dr Bailey saw him this afternoon and changed his antibiotic and sent off a urine sample, so hopefully over the weekend the antibiotic will work this time and by Monday we should get the test results to know whether we are actually on the right antibiotic or not. We are also going to try something else as I had another theory why he may be a bit cranky, and Dr Bailey agreed that it could be possible. We increased one of his meds a week ago and I thought that maybe that was causing some irritation, so we are going to drop it back down and see what happens. We don't usually like doing two things at once (med changes plus antibiotic changes) as you don't know what is working if things improve, but we also don't like seeing him upset so for now we will go with both and hope things continue to get better for him. If he settles we will increase the med again and see if he gets crabby again. I hate fiddling with meds - it always mucks him up but sometimes you just need to change the dose to get things right.

Yesterday Harri didn't know what to make of Noah. Jay is used to Noah screaming as he has grown up with it right from when Noah was born, but the last two years Noah has been so good and Harri can't remember him screaming before. Yesterday he kept pointing to Noah saying 'look Mum'! like - 'fix Noah Mum' and I told him I couldn't help. Harri was getting upset - especially as he couldn't hear the TV! Then when Harri had his afternoon nap he woke up and came out to Noah still screaming and got very upset about it.

After we saw Dr B we had to go to the hospital to do a few jobs - pick up meds, drop off the urine sample, get a new feeding tube as we changed his other one yesterday. We were about to go down the lift (Harri, Noah and I) when out comes Nan! She had been visiting Auntie Wanda who is in hospital after having her knees operated on. It was nice to see Nan and she was happy to see the boys and actually remembered Harri's name! That is always a bonus. Jalen really gets her though - probably because his name is more unusual. Harri was excited to see her and gave her a kiss and talked to her about the cat at her house. We really need to go back out to see Nan and Pop again soon.


  1. Noah it is great to see you smiling again. Looks like you feel lots better.

  2. Great to hear that Noah is feeling much better and looking so well and happy again...I love the cheeky smile you go in the morning.



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