Saturday, 8 September 2007

Come on the Hawks!

Sorry Chrish - I just had to put this up - especially so you could see the reaction of Aaron during the game today.

Anyone that knows Aaron, knows that he is a HUGE Hawthorn fan. He has gone for them ever since he was two years old and has stuck with them ever since. Today was the elimination final against the Crows - Chrish's team. It was the first time they had been in a final for 6 years. We knew all day that after 2pm there was going to be a very tense atmosphere in the house! Aaron takes his footy very seriously and I knew that there would be tantrums, tension and tears - whether they won or lost.

Every Saturday afternoon Aaron has to sit and watch the footy - no matter who is playing. The boys know it is the time that they get to sit with Dad and have some chips and a drink and hang out. Today was no exception, except that Jay was warned before the game that this was a VERY serious game and Aaron didn't want lots of talking or carrying on during the game! Whenever the Hawks play Aaron has to put on his Hawthorn gear including the sexy socks.

I used it as an excuse to have a nanna nap (bad night with the boys last night - so a good excuse to catch up on some sleep) as I didn't want to be around Aaron the whole game. It is just too stressful. I came out during the last quarter and there were lots of 'far out!!!!', and 'come on!!!!' as the Hawks took the lead for the first time and then lost it again.

Jalen is over watching the game -he resorted to playing his gameboy.

The tension in the last few minutes of the game

I was cracking up laughing (on the inside or I would have been shot!) at Aaron jumping around, yelling - 'come on Buddy!!!!' and rolling around the floor.

The winning goal

Finally they won by 3 points - just in the last few minutes and yes - there were tears!!!! I kept saying 'Aaron it's only a game'! and he kept yelling 'no it's not!'.

The final siren

Thank goodness they won or there would be a massive migraine tonight - for both of us! :) I really don't care about footy much, but I'm just happy that the Hawks won - for all of our sakes!

The relief after the game is over.

Another huge Hawks fan is Jim. He was stuck at uni all day so he missed the game (Aaron taped it for him), and came around straight after uni, to go over the game with Aaron.

Now we have to go through it all again next week!


  1. Eden and I were wondering how long it would take you to blog about the game. Boy, would I have loved to be a fly on the wall at your house this afternoon. I'm glad that the Hawks won for Aaron (and your) sake though I feel for Chrish. Thank goodness Eden's team Melbourne did not make it into the finals however I don't think he takes it as seriously as Aaron or Chrish.

  2. I was thinking about Aaron during the game. It was a very exciting game! We had to listen to the last 5 minutes of the game on the radio as we had to be somewhere. It made it even more suspensful! Aaron will be on a high the whole holidays!


  3. Boo the Hawks!!! Now what do I do for the rest of September? Still Shattered:(


  4. Wow! Amazing to see how passionate people can be about sport. The only time I get enthused is when the Wallabies beat the All Blacks (probably since half our Ward seems to be from NZ).


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