Monday, 3 September 2007

Tooth Number 2!!!

Noah lost his second tooth today!! I missed it again :( I had taken Harri to spend his birthday money while Di was here at home- doing In Home Support with Noah. When I got home Jalen very excitedly told me that Noah lost another tooth.

Di said she just went to wipe his lip again and it dropped right into his mouth and she had to tip him forward as he almost swallowed it! This time he lost a bottom tooth, so he now has a bottom and top gone and a couple more loose ones. The big tooth on the top still isn't coming through and I wonder if it ever will as some people on my hydran support group have told me that their children lost their teeth years ago, and they still haven't got their big teeth through.
Oh well - at least he doesn't have to use them to eat! :)

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