Tuesday, 25 September 2007

A 'healthy' treat!

My sister in law - Steph has been complaining that people have been giving her daughter Chloe different sweet things to try. Chloe isn't 12 months yet, so Steph is trying as hard as she can to keep Chloe away from junk for as long as possible - something that isn't going very well from what I can tell. I have figured out the perfect solution - toffee apples!! ha ha

Today while the boys and I were at the supermarket they came across the toffee apples. Jay has probably only had about two in his whole life and Harri has never had one, but they thought they looked good so they bought one each. I remember buying them and also making them as a kid. At the school fair I would ALWAYS get a toffee apple - I loved them! When I got back to the van, Aaron asked me where his was - so I had to go back in and get another one!

Harri thought it was great - until he finished off most of the toffee and hit the apple and then it went in the bin! Maybe it isn't such a good idea after all!?!

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